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Here's How to be a Basketball Writer for Clips Nation

We're looking for new contributors!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hello everyone.  It's a summer of changes here at Clips Nation, and we're looking for new contributors.

We're constantly receiving tons of inquiries from people who want to contribute--from dedicated fans who want to help out to experienced journalists looking for another part-time platform.  Often times, the e-mails I receive don't give me the answers I'm looking for, and I frankly don't have the time to coach every interested person into submitting a strong application.  Here are the ways to make sure that you get serious consideration as a writer:

1) Outline the role you'd like to have

We're a pretty big operation here, ranging from our social media presence to our longform columns to our comment moderation.  There's tons of ways to contribute, and you're welcome to help us in more than one, but specifically outline what you want to do.  If you're truly willing to do anything to get your name on the masthead and don't care what duties I assign you, you can let me know that as well.  Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of roles available.

2) Make an honest time commitment

Depending on what way you plan on contributing, your time commitment will vary.  A game recap typically will take an hour to write.  A short-form article will take 5-15 minutes.  A full column can take hours or days depending on your style and research.  Be honest given your work and family commitments--we aren't looking for a ton of people who will write once a month, we want a small handful who will contribute regularly.

3) Include a resume and writing samples

Even if you have no journalistic background or experience, a resume helps me to get to know you and what skills you have.  If you have any writing samples, I want to look at them--Clippers preferred, if not any basketball writing will do.  If you have no basketball writing available but fell that a piece about another sport or non-sports topic represents your style well, feel free to submit that.  You may be asked to write a "trial" article in the FanPosts before a final decision is made.

Here are possible roles.  Remember that you can apply for more than one.

Columnist: Columnists are asked to make a regular commitment, ideally weekly or bi-weekly, to write.  They will work underneath Larson Ishii, who is our Column Editor.  We already have a lot of excellent scheduled columns from our returning staff, making this an extremely competitive slot.  Applicants will have a strong pitch and be able to make a regular time commitment.  They will demonstrate excellent writing skills and experience.

Game Coverage: A contributor on our game coverage team will work under our Game Coverage Editor, Justin Russo.  They will publish standard game coverage articles (preview and recap) for each game that they sign up for.  Applicants will be willing and able to cover at least 8-12 games over the course of the season (or less if this is in conjunction with another role).  These contributors will also be able to pitch features on a case-by-case basis.

Short Form: Short form contributors will write short articles on a frequent basis.  These articles will typically be 100-500 words in length and dedicated to sharing an image, video, minor news story, or outside article with our audience.  Typically a contributor will be asked to publish at least twice a week (on a schedule, i.e. Monday and Wednesday mornings).  Applicants will be strongly in-tune with Clippers news and social media so as to have content to write about.  These contributors will also be able to pitch features on a case-by-case basis.

Short Form Editor: The short form editor will be in charge of writing short form pieces as well as editing the Front Page Layout when new short form stories are published by contributors.  This editor will oversee the short form schedule and ensure healthy quality while reporting directly to Lucas.  An applicant for this high-level position will be able to make a serious time commitment and have enthusiasm and innovative ideas for the site.

We are happy to announce that the Short Form Editor position has been filled by Craig Freeman.

Social Media Staffer: Social media staffers will be responsible for sharing articles on Facebook and Twitter as well as cultivating a following for those accounts and using them to draw more readers to the site.  Applicants will be proficient in using social media and able to make a healthy time commitment.

Social Media Manager: The social media manager will lead the social media staff in meeting site goals for Facebook and Twitter, as well as other potential forms of outside promotion.  This position reports directly to Lucas, and applicants will have experience in managing large, professional social media accounts and/or strong qualifications in marketing, public relations, and/or social media.

Moderator: A moderator is responsible for deleting inappropriate comments and banning spam and troll accounts.  Applicants will be established and respected members of the community.

Please e-mail all applications to