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Yanick Moreira Joins Angola's Preliminary Squad for AfroBasket 2015

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Yanick Moreira, who signed a partially guarenteed contract with the Los Angeles Clippers in July, is now in Spain to join Angola's national team for AfroBasket 2015.

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Yanick Moreira, the undrafted rookie out of SMU who is famous for his questionable goal tending call in the closing seconds of a game against UCLA in the NCAA tournament, signed a partially guaranteed contract with the Clippers after a strong summer league performance, averaging 9.6 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks per game.

A couple days ago, he announced that he would not participate in AfroBasket 2015, due to preseason commitments to the Clippers as part of the partially guaranteed contract. He was planning to stay in the USA this summer to train and try to become the first ever Angolan to play in the NBA. Now, he has changed his mind, and has joined Angola in Spain in preparation for the tournament.

AfroBasket 2015 is set to take place August 19-30 in Tunisia, and with most teams starting training camp in September, there shouldn't be any schedule conflicts. But what does this mean for Moreira? Has he been given a hint that he will not have a chance at making the squad, and thus decided to focus on his international career? Or is this a mistake by the young center that seriously hurts his chances of making an NBA squad? We should know soon enough.