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#TWiCH: How Clipper Steve Became a Fan of the Clippers

With our wonderful leader stepping down, I figured that for this weeks edition of This Week in Clippers History, we could take a look back at an article Steve wrote 6 years ago, on how he became a Clippers fan.

Typically, I try to provide multiple stories from the Clippers past, with links to the articles that originally broke the news. But this week, I decided to do things a little different.

As you have probably read by now, Steve Perrin, the creator of the greatest Clippers blog on the planet, announced that he would be taking a step back, and handing the keys to the Nation over to Lucas Hann. Like many of you, I became a fan of ClipsNation because Steve shared our passion and thoughts on the Clippers. I would check ClipsNation every day to see the latest thoughts from Steve, and, every once in a while, would even comment.

The good thing is that Steve will still share his thoughts with us, and will have less worries about the day to day operations of ClipsNation. I look forward to continue hearing from Steve, while enjoying all the diverse contributors that have joined ClipsNation, and will continue to join ClipsNation.

So enjoy the story of how Steve became a fan of the Clippers. Just click the link below to be taken back in time, to August 3, 2009.

How I Became a Clippers Fan

By on Aug 3, 2009, 11:23p