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Staff News: Clips Nation Adds Craig Freeman as Editor, Columnist

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Let's give a warm welcome!

Hi everyone,

As Steve announced earlier this week, he will taking a step back from Clips Nation, leaving me in charge.  Worry not--I won't be ruining your favorite interweb pastime just yet, but there will be some necessary changes as we organize, move forward, and evolve.

Staff-wise, almost everyone will return, and those writers who don't will be leaving of their own accord--due to family or work situations that make the time commitment of contributing untenable.  But we'll also be adding quite a few new faces in our efforts to expand our coverage.  We'll do more short form this year, while still making sure to keep in touch with our Perrin-styled roots as well as ever (and hopefully with a more than occasional contribution from SP himself).  We're also going to emphasize previously non-existent social media, including our twitter handle, @ClipsNationSBN, and our Facebook Page, Clips Nation.  In the month since I've taken over social media, we started the twitter handle and are up to 500 followers.  The Facebook Page has grown from 5,000 likes to over 18,000, and a new team of staffers dedicated to social media engagement and expansion will take those numbers and run with them.

I'll have another post in the coming days as we select and finalize all of the new staff members, but for now I'd like to dedicate this article to our most high-profile addition, Craig Freeman.  Many of you likely know Craig from his work as the Editor-in-Chief of ClippersCentral.  He also has worked for BBallBreakdown.  His specialty is a focus on short form articles, especially news and rumors, and he'll be a big part of developing that branch of our coverage.  Our columns and game coverage have always been strong and will continue to be so, but by exploring this new branch as well, we're bringing Clips Nation to new heights.  Craig will serve as our newest editor, and join my inner circle of decision-making and world-dominance-plotting.  He is also going to write a weekly column for us on Sundays.

And it never hurts to add another foreigner to our strong international community, as Craig hails from Australia.

Welcome, Craig, to the best Clippers website in the world, and we're happy to have you be a part of our Clips Nation community as the newest citizen.

Here's a little note from Craig:

Hey Lob City, my name is Craig Freeman and I'm excited to be joining the team. I hope to help ClipsNation continue its excellent coverage of the team, while also growing to bigger and better things. You can find me on Twitter, @CraigFreemanNBA.