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Your Christmas Gift from the NBA: Clippers At Lakers

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According to Mike Bresnahan, the Clippers will play the Lakers on Christmas day, at Staples Center, on the Lakers court.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

We learned yesterday that the NBA decided to feature a rematch of the NBA Finals on Christmas day, pitting the Cavaliers against the defending NBA champs, the Warriors. That started the rumor mill on who the Clippers might get matched with, assuming that they would in fact play on Christmas Day. ClipsNation's own Steve Perrin started the debate on who the Clippers would be matched up with, with the popular choices being the Mavericks, Spurs, Rockets and Lakers.

According to Mike Bresnahan, the National Basketball Association has decided to give the Clippers the gift of playing the Lakers. In years past, this might be a marque matchup for the NBA. But for the last couple of seasons, the Lakers have been a lottery team, while the Clippers have continued to make the playoffs. With this game being a Lakers home game, Clippers season ticket holders won't have to ask their loved ones if they can skip out on spending time with the family to drive to Staples Center and see the game live, but instead, they will get to watch it while spending time with the family (I know for some people, that is a bad thing).

Although nothing is official, Bresnahan is a good source. More to come when the official schedule is released.