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Clippers News Brief

In recent Clippers news: The Clippers are heading to the OC for training camp, Wes Matthews almost didn't go to Dallas because of DeAndre Jordan debacle, and former Clipper has a chance to sign with the Nets.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers' preseason opener is set for Oct. 2 at Staples Center against the Denver Nuggets. They are scheduled to play six preseason games, including one in Canada and two in China, before opening the regular season against the Sacramento Kings on Oct. 28.

Former Clipper, Dahntay Jones, may have another chance in the NBA. He has a spot in the Nets' training camp. Now 34, Jones may have a lot of heart, but he will certainly have to prove he has the skill to back that up. Read more on the matter here.

As far as  DeAndre news goes, it just keeps coming up. DeAndre Jordan may have caused a bit more of a conundrum than we all had assumed. The Mavericks had to reach further in their pockets to pull Wes Matthews back in.