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NBA 2k16 to Feature New Features, Including Relocation and Rebranding

According to 2K (Publisher of NBA 2K16), this years game in the annual series will include many new options, including team relocation and re-branding. I wonder how many gamers will re-brand the Clippers right away?

If you are an avid sports gamer, then you know that this time of year is prime gaming season. With the newest football game from EA Sports, Madden NFL 16 just released, and a new soccer game, FIFA 16, also from EA just around the corner, some might forget that at the end of the month, the newest basketball game from 2K, NBA 2k16, is set to be released.

For years, the NBA 2k series has been the best selling NBA franchise on the market. In fact, EA Sports took a few years off to redevelop their NBA game, and although they have returned, the 2k series remains on top.

One of the modes on the game is the MyGM mode, which lets you pick a team, and run all aspects of the franchise. It has always been very detailed, including trades, contract negotiations, and setting pricing for tickets and merchandise. There are even instances when another teams GM will stop negotiating with you because they feel you are completely low balling them on an offer.

This years game has even more opportunities to hone your GM skills. Two of those features are team relocation and team re-branding.

For relocation, you can pick from a large selection of cities, then decide if you want the new stadium in the city or suburbs. But don't get too excited. It's not that simple. Before you can move your team, you need approval from more than half of the other teams in the game, and then, the league decides if your team needs to be relocated. So, if you move the Heat to Seattle, the game will adjust the conferences, and the Seattle Heat will now be in the Western Conference.

The new feature that might be of interest to Clippers fans is the team re-branding feature. 2K has said that it will be very detailed, allowing you to change everything from logo, to team colors, to jerseys. The game will provide logos for gamers to choose from, or gamers will be able to go to a website and upload their own logo. Excited yet? From there, gamers will be able to pick team colors, select for a large selection of jersey types, including necklines, number and name placement, etc.

NBA 2k16 is scheduled to release on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows on Sept. 29. Who is planning on playing the game? How about re-brand the Clippers? Or move the team back to San Diego or Buffalo? Share your plans in the comments below.

You can see the full list of changes here.