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DeAndre Jordan let the Clippers know he wanted to return via Snapchat

As if there weren't enough weird details regarding Jordan's decision to stay in L.A., we now know he initiated the process by contacting Doc Rivers's son, Spencer, via Snapchat.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we're about two months removed from the drawn-out/hilarious DeAndre Jordan saga, details regarding what actually transpired on that fateful July day are beginning to trickle out. Clippers head coach/President of Basketball Operations Doc Rivers was in Boston for a charity event a couple of weeks ago, where he sat down for a chat with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. The entire article is a fun read, and highly recommended, but Doc divulged a new tidbit regarding D.J.'s decision to return to Los Angeles:

"DeAndre thought about leaving, but right away, he knew he wanted to come back," said Rivers. "He even Snapchatted my youngest son Spencer. He had told two or three people he’d made a mistake [after signing the offer sheet with Dallas], but the Snapchat said, ‘Tell your dad to call me.’"

First off, to say DeAndre "thought about" leaving is quite the understatement, considering the entire free world knew of his initial verbal commitment to join the Dallas Mavericks. Secondly, it's pretty weird to think that the entire process of re-recruiting Jordan to L.A. was sparked because he apparently sent a Snapchat to Doc's youngest kid. We eventually found out that it was Jordan that reinitiated the conversation between he and the Clippers, but I would think most of us had just assumed he had placed a phone call or something.

There's quite a bit of unintentional comedy here, too, as Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is also famously the owner of a Snapchat knock-off called Cyber Dust. Cuban even used Cyber Dust in order to address what actually happened with the Jordan situation earlier this summer.

Doc also had some interesting things to say about Cuban:

"Cuban said he deserved a call, but he didn’t deserve a call or an apology. He doesn’t deserve either one. It’s funny how much I hear, ‘Boy, Mark Cuban is mad at you.’ Listen, my job isn’t to make Mark Cuban happy. My job is to make him miserable. This is why it’s a competition. So the fact DJ stayed with us, and I always say, ‘Stayed’ and not ‘came back’ because he never left, was great. The kid had a right to get this right. It’s the biggest decision of his life, and he was able to change it before it was a career mistake."

You can mark me down as a part of the camp that thinks DeAndre should've just called Cuban instead of engaging in this entire charade, but it's also hard to complain about the way it wound up going down. Had D.J. called Cuban, that epic day of Twitter emojis would've never happened. So, I think we're all thankful for that.

It also seems a bit weird that Jordan contacted Spencer Rivers, not his own teammate, Austin, about contacting Doc, but whatever works, D.J.