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Remembering Moses Malone

March 23, 1955 - September 13, 2015.

Moses Malone was found dead today in his hotel room after failing to report to a celebrity golf tournament. He was only 60 years old. Known as the "Chairman of the Boards" , Malone's career spanned from the ABA's 1974-75 season until the NBA's 1994-1995 season. His career was notable for both his statistics and achievements. Malone was the first player to go directly from high school to professional basketball. He signed directly with the Utah Stars instead of fulfilling his letter of intent with the University of Maryland. Malone also won three Most Valuable Player honors with the NBA.

In a legendary career that lasted twenty years, Moses Malone was a Buffalo Braves for merely six game minutes in the 1976-1977 season. He was acquired from the Portland Trailblazers for a future first round pick. He was traded two games later for two future first round picks. Malone recorded one rebound and one personal foul, in six minutes, with the Braves.

He will be sorely missed.