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DeAndre Jordan's Cowboys fandom sure seems to rub people in Dallas the wrong way

DeAndre Jordan likes the Dallas Cowboys. People in Dallas do not like DeAndre Jordan. As one would assume, D.J.'s tweet on Sunday night in support of his Cowboys didn't sit well with much of the Metroplex.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It seems folks in Dallas still aren't over the fact that DeAndre Jordan decided to spurn the Mavericks in order to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers this summer. However, despite famously declining the opportunity to move back to Texas, DeAndre still loves his Dallas Cowboys. He expressed as much following the Cowboys' stirring win over the New York Giants on Sunday night (via Twitter):

As you may imagine, Jordan's overt Cowboys fandom rubbed some Mavericks/Cowboys fans the wrong way. Here are a few of the many bitter replies D.J. received in response to his tweet:

So, yep! People still seem pretty mad!

As a reminder, DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers will face the Mavericks in Dallas for the first time this season on November 11th. You may want to mark you calendar.

(Do people still mark calendars? If so, why?)