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Blake Griffin: "I would love to finish my career here"

In an interview with Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders, Blake Griffin opens up about his offseason training, the moves the Clippers made, and a whole lot more.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Basketball Insiders dropped an interview today that took place between Alex Kennedy and Los Angeles Clippers superstar Blake Griffin. In the interview, Griffin gave a lot of poignant quotes when asked about a wide array of subjects. Those topics included his training regime, confidence level in his jumper, thoughts on the team’s offseason additions to the roster, whether this was the most talented team he’s ever played on, how he felt about the DeAndre Jordan situation, whether the team was a true contender, his comedy career, and if he could see himself finishing his career in Los Angeles with the Clippers. Below are a few excerpts from the interview.

On the offseason additions...
Basketball Insiders: "What are your overall thoughts on the offseason additions?"

Blake Griffin: "I’m very excited, man. I thought we did a really good job this summer of just putting a plan together of guys that we wanted and positions that we wanted and then going out and actually getting it done. I think this could be a special season for us."

On the team's overall talent level...
Basketball Insiders: "Do you think this will be the most talented team you’ve played on?"

Blake Griffin: "Yeah, it absolutely has a chance to be. [We] definitely have the chance to be one of the most talented teams. [We] do have guys that have been in the league and been successful and are very talented as well."

On his offseason training process and how he feels...
Blake Griffin: "Going into training camp, I probably haven’t felt better so I’m excited about the work we put in this summer."
On the DeAndre Jordan situation...
Basketball Insiders: "[What] was going through your head when you initially heard DeAndre had agreed to a deal with the Mavericks?"

Blake Griffin: "When he first told me that [he was going to Dallas], before it had even come out, it was hard. Because, at the time, that’s what he said he wanted and I thought that’s what he wanted so I was happy for him. But at the same time, it’s like, ‘Uh oh, now we got to really go find guys and put a team together.’ But obviously having him back is just a huge relief."

On the team's motivation and contender status...
Blake Griffin: "No one is going to give you the title until you’ve actually earned it and we haven’t earned that title of being a contender yet because we haven’t even been to the Western Conference Finals yet. That’s the fight though, that’s the battle that we have to overcome and I think we’re all ready for that."
On the cross-hall battle with the Los Angeles Lakers...
Basketball Insiders: "How nice is it to be the dominant team in L.A. by a huge margin?"

Blake Griffin: "Like I said, what the Lakers have done with their championships, those are never going to go anywhere and they’ve earned those and we’re trying to get to that level. I think you kind of feel the pressure a little bit and the change in the way that the Lakers fans treat us, but you get that. I think it’s great for basketball, I think it’s great for L.A. and I think it’s great for us."

On his future with the Clippers...
Basketball Insiders: "Could you see yourself finishing your career with the Clippers?"

Blake Griffin: "Yeah, I mean L.A. is my home now. I’m not looking to go anywhere. With that being said, you never know [in this business]. But I’m happy here, I love it here, and I would love to finish my career here."

To read the full in-depth interview — and I highly recommend that you do since it’s exceptional — visit Basketball Insiders. Enjoy.