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Paul Pierce hits Kobe Bryant with a sick old man burn

While Paul Pierce admitted that he's happy to take a smaller role with the Clippers, the same can't be said about his crosstown rival, Kobe Bryant.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The L.A. Clippers held media day on Friday (read more about it here and here). Paul Pierce was one of the many new faces to take the spotlight for the first time in Clipper colors, and he was candid about what kind of role he'd be playing with his new team. Aside from saying he'd retire if the Clips were to take home the 2015-16 NBA title, the 18-year pro took a lighthearted shot at a certain intracity rival:

Ouch, Kobe!

Pierce is well aware that he's in the twilight of his career, and acknowledged that his primary individual goal is to be healthy enough to contribute come playoff time. He also said that as a result, his minutes will likely be limited during the regular season.

Despite maintaining a civil and friendly rivalry with Kobe Bryant through the years, the Truth isn't shy about speaking the harsh truth about the aging Lakers star. Kobe finished last season with a rather hefty usage rate of 34.9% (per Basketball Reference), which ranked second in the league behind Russell Westbrook. That's an awful lot of chuckin' for a guy connecting on just 37% of said attempts. Then again, it's Kobe Bryant. What else are we to expect?

Anyway, nicely done, Paul. Something tells me you'll fit right in here, even if you don't quite understand how emojis are supposed to work.