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ESPN's Bottom 100

Ranking the best of the worst.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While basketball conversations typically discuss which players are the best in the Association, it's rare to consider which players are the worst. ESPN recently provided its list and ranking of the "bottom 100" players in the Association. To be clear though, this doesn't mean these players necessarily the bottom quarter of the NBA. There are plenty of players that may be floating around without teams, in the Developmental League, or overseas that are actually better than players on a current NBA roster. These rankings are more accurately described as No. 301-400 for NBA players.

The relevant parts for Clippers' fans are:

#329: Pablo Prigioni


#351: Cole Aldrich

Some interesting notes:

  • A bunch of teams had five players listed, included the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Our old pal Joe Ingles cracked the list at #336.
  • Andrea Bargnani came in at #361. That's a long way down for a former first overall pick selected ahead of LaMarcus Aldridge