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Looking to the 2016 NBA Draft

It's never too early to think ahead about prospects. Besides, the Clippers have a first round pick for 2016!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the hoopla surrounding future NBA stars is always present, there are naturally already debates going on about who will be the first overall pick for the 2016 NBA Draft. For teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, that conversation may very well be relevant. The Clippers however have their sights set on contending for the NBA title and will likely select from the back end of the first round next year. Typically this means drafting players that are either low on ceiling, but more polished, like C.J. Wilcox, or drafting complete wildcards that are completely raw with (a bit more) potential (pray for something like a DeAndre Jordan, as he was available in the second round). In the end, the NBA draft will likely be the only consistent way the Clippers will be able to add young talent to its roster. Acquiring a 25 year old Lance Stephenson was an exception to the norm.

So naturally the first question to ask is what position should the Clippers be focused on? Or better yet, should the Clippers be focusing on drafting by position or just talent? For mock drafts online, it seems that guards have always been the projected position that the Clippers will draft. However, that may not be the case anymore. The Clippers enter this season likely deeper than it has ever been before. More importantly, the Clippers' established starting guards (Chris Paul and J.J. Redick) are backed up by two youngsters: Austin Rivers and Lance Stephenson.

Thus, as the college basketball season rolls around in November, there'll be added interest for the Clippers' front office. Aside from maybe buying a second round draft pick, the Clippers will have the opportunity to roll the dice on a player at the end of the first round. Personally, it would be fabulous to see the Clippers try and snag a foreign player that has a higher ceiling.