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Should the Clippers Leave Staples?

It's kind of cramped...and even Taylor Swift is taking up banner space.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers played the Pelicans Sunday at 12:30 PM. This game time was based in part (if not entirely) because the Lakers were also scheduled to play on Sunday and the Lakers were given the prime time slot. Likewise, on Saturday the Clippers played before the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday's prime time slot. Ultimately, sharing Staples Center with 2 other major sport teams (sorry Sparks) is a hassle. Aside from the Clippers' locker room already being smaller than the Lakers' locker room, the LA Times notes,

Sharing a building occasionally forces the Clippers to hold a makeshift shootaround inside their locker room. That involves taping a simulated free-throw line to the carpet because the court is not available with a changeover from the Kings' ice configuration.

So what can the team do? The team isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The Clippers renewed its lease with Staples Center a little under 2 years ago (January 22, 2013). The lease now runs through June of 2024. Still, a new stadium would require time to plan and build anyhow. If Steve Ballmer is all about promoting the Clippers with a possibly unique TV/steaming deal and new logo, a new stadium would follow this theme/approach. Granted, a new stadium would introduce a plethora of questions. Where would the new stadium be? Will it exclusively be for the Clippers or still shared with another sports team? Will Steve Ballmer foot the bill or begin a stare down with the city of Los Angeles for funds? (The possibility of the last question would inevitably bring about theories of a possible move to Seattle...)

For now, the Clippers remain the 3rd major sports team to occupy the Staples Center as the rest of LA focuses on the imminent return of the NFL [and the construction of its stadium(s)].