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Clipsnation's Most Active Citizens of 2015

Here is a look at the Nation's most active citizens in 2015!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Most FanPosts

Clippersfan4471 9
snackbar 7
Aynika 3
Lob City Oops 3
Hate 710 3
Ballersgotstyle3 3
gMonks 3
ClipperC 2
BurningTheWillow 2
cbrown32 2

While FanPosts are very visible, they do take a bit more effort.  Let's step our game up Citizens!

Most FanShots

AaronPerine 84
Jul Jessup 31
shamus_clancy 28
Lawler's Law 10
Drew Garrison 9
Shawn H 5
hans007 3
cueball123 2
dukenilnil 2
juliussaturday 2

Looks like Aaron has taken ownership of FanShots.  Citizens, use this tool to get quick interesting Clippers/NBA related info up on the site.

Most Comments

Niels Pineda 3,463
Justin Russo 3,462
Jonee 2,364
Jellyfish_ 2,327
Parkemoon 2,262
JackduhSun 2,082
LJ Hann 2,016
Adithya 1,928
osamu 1,718
boltsfan21 1,718

This is the big one! This is where CN distinguishes itself from all other sbn sites.  Our comments sections continues to be strong!  Neils and Justin take the top stops.

Congrats to all the winners!

Let's make sure we break all these records in 2016!!