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Who to give the 15th spot?

Will it be Jeff Ayers or someone else?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers recently added Jeff Ayers to provide some additional depth for the big man slot. With Blake Griffin out, the Clippers have been needing players to step up to fill minutes and production. Paul Pierce has provided some small PF minutes, and Cole Aldrich has given some traditional big man minutes. In the Clippers recent loss to the Toronto Raptors, even Ayers saw 4:58 minutes of play. Yet these additional minutes should all dry up (ideally) when Blake Griffin returns.

So what will the Clippers do then with the 15th slot on their roster? While Josh Smith had been a contract for this year, Ayers has only been signed to a 10 day deal. The Clippers have the option to renew him for a second 10 day contract (and possibly then sign him for the rest of the year), or simply not renew him and let him walk (and therein search for a different guy for the 15th slot). For more detailed specifics on how the 10-day contract works, the DenverStiffs had an informative write up recently, here.)

Aside from Ayers, there will be other people that Doc Rivers can consider adding to the roster either as the permanent 15th player or simply for 10 day contracts as tryouts. These include more well known veterans like:

Michael Beasley - former 2nd overall player, he's basically been a bust. He's currently in China and actually doing not too bad. He recently had a game where he put up 63 points, 19 rebounds, and 13 assists, and overall his seasonal averages have been impressive (about 32 points and 13 rebounds as of under a week ago.). With his Chinese team comfortably in playoff standings right now, any team interested in Beasley has to wait for him to finish his year with the team, including possible playoff games.

Carlos Boozer - the veteran PF has laid pretty low this year. After meeting with the Bucks about possibly joining them, he hasn't been heard much from. He's a known commodity on offense (and perhaps for his lack of defense). It's unclear if Boozer would even want to come to the team and just sit on the bench, but that may very well be his only option out there.

Yet there are many others that are available to become the team's premier towel waving player. These may include younger players that were otherwise afterthoughts. It's worth pointing out that at one point Hassan Whiteside was playing in China and Lebanon after he had been waived by the Sacramento Kings. Thoughts?