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Blake Griffin to Miss Remainder of Clippers Road Trip

The Clippers' star PF will not return during the next two games.

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When asked by the Chris Wylde and Mike Jaglin, the nice dudes who run ClipCast, when I thought Blake Griffin would return, I told them (on January 13th, when we recorded), that I expected him to either play this 5-in-7 stretch, or return after it.  It looks like I was right.

I'm no medical expert, but it was a pretty easy guess.  There's not a lot of time to get better when you're traveling to 5 cities in 7 days, and if Blake wasn't ready to play against Cleveland last Thursday I didn't think it was likely that he'd be able to get right in time to play by Wednesday in Atlanta.  I was right about that--the Clippers have now sent him home for rest and rehabilitation, sparing him the remaining travel.

Tomorrow will mark exactly 1 month since the Clippers announced that Griffin would be out for at least two weeks before being re-evaluated.  At the time, Clips Nation's medical expert (he's actually a medical expert), Shap, estimated that the injury would take 4-6 weeks in total.  If Griffin plays Friday against the Lakers, he'll have returned just one day short of the 5-week mark Saturday.  If he plays Sunday against the Bulls, it'll be just one day after.

Not too shabby by Clips Nation, and it sounds like Griffin, thankfully, will be back right on schedule.

This means at least two more games of Clipper weirdness on the fantasy front--increased production for Paul, Redick, and Jordan in Griffin's absence, and increased minutes and shots for the rest of the supporting cast.

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