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Report: Blake Griffin Suffers Broken Shooting Hand in Undisclosed Team-Related Injury

Griffin's return no longer seems imminent.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, I wrote about how Blake Griffin left the Clippers' road trip early. I assumed it was because they had ruled him out for the final back-to-back of the Clippers' current 5-games-in-7-nights road trip, and were going to let him rest and rehabilitate to get ready for Friday's game against the Lakers.

Well, it sounds like Griffin won't be playing Friday after all.  According to ESPN's Marc Stein, the Clippers' leading scorer left the Clippers road trip for a completely unrelated injury, and the wording is shady at best:

"Suspected broken hand", it's safe to assume, means broken hand.  We'll have Shapan Debnath, Clips Nation's resident medical expert, dissect the implications of a broken hand as soon as possible, but for now, it seems as though Blake will miss an extended period of time.  "Undisclosed team-related incident"?  Well, that sure sounds like code speak for "locker-room fight".

Additionally, I have word from a source that Griffin's broken hand is in fact his right--his shooting hand.

We'll get more to you as we find it out.