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Doc Rivers Calls Timetable for Blake's Return "Unrealistic"

Early reports have indicated that Blake Griffin is expected to miss 4-to-6 weeks with a broken right hand, but Doc Rivers has his doubts.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you somehow stumbled across this article without having heard the latest news out of the circus that is the Clippers organization, here's what's going on: Blake Griffin was sent back to LA with a hand injury suffered on the team's current trip then, this morning, news broke that the injury was a result of an altercation with a team staff member (now identified as equipment manager Matias Testi) that occurred at a restaurant Saturday night before the team's game Sunday in Toronto.

The initial estimates are that, likely suspension not included, Blake would be able to return in 4-to-6 weeks, but at today's pregame press conference ahead of a tilt against the Indiana Pacers, Doc Rivers expressed his thoughts on that timetable. From Ben Bolch (LA Times):

Details are still being sorted out, but it's clear that Blake underwent surgery this morning to repair a spiral fracture of the fourth metacarpal (essentially just one of five hand bones) in his right hand. Only time will tell whether or not Doc's concerns are warranted, but regardless, this is a huge setback for a team that was certainly looking forward to having Blake back on the court. Look for Chris Paul to continue his elevated play to keep this team in the thick of the playoff hunt out West and hope that this situation can be cleared up, ideally with an explanation and apology from Blake, in the near future.