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Upgrading the NBA

There's always more technology to add to the game.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday the NBA noted that Saturday prime-time games on ABC will have the 3-point line illuminated during 3 point attempts. For a made 3-pointer, the line will briefly remain lit up. For a miss, the illumination will end immediately.

While it's not specified, it's likely that this feature will be like the first-down line on NFL telecasts: unofficial markers that are suppose to help fans but remain only unofficial approximations. Nevertheless, this addition should make it easier for fans to enjoy basketball games.

In fact, there's more technology that could and will be added to NBA games to help both fans and referees. Fans could always use more angles or tools to follow along games. The NBA's deal with Stats LLC in 2013 has been a windfall for fans' ability to track stats of players, whether for fantasy leagues or debates about how good players really are. The Association may also soon have its players wear devices during the games to further quantifiable statistics. Referees meanwhile could always use more help. (At least in the minds of the fans.) How about standardizing/instituting 3D camera instant replays? Or perhaps a coating on the court that changes color when players or a game piece makes contact with a boundary? Ultimately the opportunities for improvement are endless.