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Watch Me Whip, Watch Me J.J.: Redick Dishes on Locker Room Dancing

We finally have some insight into the mysterious/hilarious new post-game tradition that has Clippers players racing to the locker room after every win.

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

It all started with an incredibly strange post-game interview from the normally mild-mannered and articulate J.J. Redick. Coming off a December win, J.J. anxiously scanned the stadium before a gentle pat from trainer Jasen Powell sent him bolting back through the tunnel, leaving the sideline reporter and surrounding stadium staff stunned.

It quickly came out that J.J. was in a hurry to avoid having to dance for teammates in the locker room, but until today, not much else was known about the Clippers' new custom (or punishment, depending on your moves). Finally though, we have unearthed a bit more about the origins of the post-game disco and even discovered J.J.'s professional take on the best and worst dancers on the squad.

The fact that Jamal and Cole are, respectively, the best and worst dancers on the team should come as no surprise to anyone who's watched a game this year. Even at 35, Jamal continues to have some of the quickest feet and best on-court moves around and Cole, while providing the Clippers with a surge off the bench as of late, moves a lot more like Lurch of the Addams Family than your stereotypical professional athlete.

It's clear that this year's squad is starting to jell and have fun together, which is reassuring after what was a slow start out of the gates. Now that they're starting to hit their stride though, it looks like there will be plenty more dancing in 2016.