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Chris Paul Gets All-Star Support from Justin Bieber

The Clippers point God Chris Paul received a boost in all-star votes from an unlikely place.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Bieber, everyone's favorite Canadian (sorry Aubrey Graham, Dave Coulier, and Alex Trebek), just gave Chris Paul a little bit of a push in the NBA all-star voting. Late last night, Bieber tweeted the following to his 73 million followers:

According to reports, some of Bieber's followers listened, with Chris Paul receiving close to 30,000 votes in a short span. The tweet from Bieber came shortly after the NBA had announced the updated results of fan voting, which currently has CP3 sitting 3rd (268,672 votes) in the Western Conference behind Russel Westbrook (479,512) and Steph Curry (925,789).

With the help of Bieber, CP3 still has a lot of ground to make up if he is going to be named an NBA All-Star starter for the Western Conference in Toronto. The sad thing is that if Paul doesn't get voted by the fans, there is a chance he could be left off the squad. The west is that good. He would be competing with the likes of Klay Thompson, James Harden, Rajon Rondo, Damian Lillard, and Tony Parker, just to name a few, for what could be as little as 2-3 spots.

So what can you do, ClipsNation? Luckily, All-Star voting is easier than ever. You can vote online at, vote via text, via Twitter, and even vote on Google (easiest way to vote for multiple players). For Google voting, just do a search for "NBA All Star voting", and select the team(s) the players you want to vote for are on, click their picture (up to 10 votes) and click "submit votes". I just did it while typing this. The really cool part, is there is no restriction on who you can vote for. You can select from any player on a team's roster. So, if you want to reward Luc Mbah-a-Moute for making the team for the rest of the season, go ahead. If you still love Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson, you can vote for them too!