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The Lob, The Jam, The Podcast, Episode 1: The First Cast

For the very first time, we bring you Clips Nation’s The Lob, The Jam, The Podcast.

Today is a special day, and we’ve been working towards it for a while now. Today we are dropping the first-ever episode of The Lob, The Jam, The Podcast, featuring Patrick Zajac and myself.

Patrick is new to Clips Nation but he’s not new to talking sports on air—he is the announcer for baseball’s Eugene Emeralds, the Single-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs (formerly the San Diego Padres, for all you San Diegans). He’ll be hosting this weekly podcast, talking with myself and different Clips Nation writers about the different issues surrounding the Clippers. You can submit questions on twitter with the hashtag #TLTJTP.

In this first episode, Patrick and I discuss the off-season, the roster composition, and the early pre-season results. Give it a listen!