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Clips Nation Pre-Season Staff Poll

How do our writers think the Clippers’ season is going to go?

Los Angeles Clippers Media Day Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Just like last year, I got the staff of Clips Nation together for a little poll to see how we collectively felt about the upcoming season. Here are the results:

Who will be the Clippers’ MVP this season?

Winner: Blake Griffin, 80% (12 votes)

2nd: Chris Paul, 20% (3 votes)

Which Clippers’ player will have a breakout year?

Winner: Austin Rivers, 46.7% (7 votes)

2nd: Marreese Speights, 13.3% (2 votes)

Wesley Johnson, 13.3% (2 votes)

None, 13.3% (2 votes)

Also receiving votes: Raymond Felton, Brandon Bass

Which match-ups are you most exciting for?

Winner: Golden State Warriors, 66.7% (10 votes)

2nd: San Antonio Spurs, 13.3% (2 votes)

Also receiving votes: Cleveland Cavaliers, Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers

How many games will the Clippers win this year?

Average: 57.3

Most common: 57 (4 votes)

2nd Most Common: 60 (3 votes)

High: 64

Low: 51

Will the Clippers Make the Western Conference Finals?

Yes: 93.3% (14 votes)

No: 6.7% (1 vote)

Will the Clippers Make the NBA Finals?

No: 80% (12 votes)

Yes: 20% (3 votes)

Will the Clippers win the NBA championship?

No: 80% (12 votes)

Yes: 20% (3 votes)

Is this the last year for the current core?

No: 66.7% (10 votes)

Yes: 33.3% (5 votes)

Let us know your thoughts and responses in the comments?