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NJJP: Redick Answers Fans on Bball, Food

J.J. Redick has had some great guests on his pod, but today he answers some questions from the fans.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers-Media Day Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

On J.J. Redick’s latest pod, he answers fan questions.

Redick gives his usual candid answers in this pod, and fields a handful of interesting questions. Included are his reasons for switching from Nike to Adidas this season, and an fun story about his first cheap pair of shoes that weren’t hand me downs being peculiar looking Adidas shoes. Personally, I have always been a Nike guy, moreso because there seems to be a laundry list of players that have some sort of ankle/feet problems when they have Adidas shoes. There was a compelling Grant Hill article chronicling his career as related to his shoe deals, and how his return to health I believe coincided with switching back to Nike.. I can’t find it but that was a fun read.

Redick also goes into some nitty gritty about being a pro, from his work ethic to his prep to how he deals with failure. Redick mentions a fun story about being so consumed with a James Harden defensive assignment that the night before at a dinner with his wife, he couldn’t concentrate. I have always felt that greatness is an all-consuming thing, regardless of what field you’re in. If you want to be great at something, at the very least there are periods of your life where everything else is shut off. Virtually every pro has probably experienced going through stretches like this. You pretty much need it at times to achieve success.

Redick also picked Chick-fil-A over In-N-Out. He called the latter overrated, to which I agree. Good, cheap burgers yes, but nothing great. And their frees, yeesh. After spending time in NYC, Shake Shack is easily my preference over In-N-Out, and now Shake Shack is in LA so test it out for yourselves. As for Chick-fil-A, I’ve never had it. I hear it’s good but by the time I heard that it was I found out that their CEO is a bigot, so it turned me off of it, to say the least. Redick also talks about donuts for a bit. This part of the pod made me hungry.

What’s your favorite burger in LA? Hot dog? (Dog Haus for both for me, though the quality of their stuff has dropped a bit lately) Adidas or Nike? Give a listen while you prep for the first week of Clipper basketball and let me know your takes.