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Clippers News Clippings

The Clippers keep winning and earning more media attention.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Los Angeles Clippers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

As everyone basks in the glow of the Clippers’ amazing start to this season, our own SB Nation provides us some detail to how dominant the Clippers’ defense has been. The best line in this article may be the point that:

Funny enough though, with all this impressive play, the LA Times points out that the Clippers have not held a practice since October 29th because of the constant parade of games on the schedule. In fact,

This gives the Clippers’ newfound defensive intensity a whole additional level of respect given that they aren’t exactly practicing it. Chris Paul may have his craftiness honed to a fine art, but players like Raymond Felton, Austin Rivers, and Wesley Johnson have been pushing themselves with sheer will on the defensive end.

Speaking of defense, the focal point of the Clippers’ newly discovered defensive effort has actually been focusing on his offense. Prince Luc Mbah a Moute has been focusing a lot of his time on driving and shooting the ball according to the LA Times. His time with Tom Welch and Dee Brown has been paying off as the coaching staff has been working with Luc to be more aggressive on the offensive end. The results are undeniable.

In total, it’s a pretty good time to watch Clippers’ basketball as their play and players have been outstanding. The team has evolved from its moniker of Lob City with Blake Griffin dunks and graduated into a juggernaut capable of playing gritty team basketball. What a time to be alive.