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Notes Post-Spurs

Some interesting facts following the Clippers’ victory over the Spurs.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

In the afterglow of the Clippers’ convincing victory against the (Tony Parker and Danny Green-less) San Antonio Spurs, there were some fun facts to gather:

1. That was an impressive margin of victory for the for a Clippers’ win in San Antonio.... and solidified the Clippers’ as the early #1 seed in the West

2. The Clippers’ offense was rediscovered. In a big way.

3. Doc Rivers would have preferred the Clippers not have played last night’s game, noting to the LA Times that:

4. The Clippers’ defense has not been closing out much on shots this season.

According to the NBA site’s hustle statistics, the Clippers rank last in contesting shots (defined as “Defensive player closes out and raises a hand to contest a shot prior to its release”) with a low 49.8%. Specifically, the Clippers contested only 13.3% of three-pointers (lowest percent) and 36.5% of two-point shots (only ahead of the Lakers’ 33.3%).

Nevertheless, the Clippers’ defense has produced the second lowest opposing field goal percentage so far this season at 40.9% (Miami is #1 at 40.7%). Go figure.