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Injury Update: Austin Rivers

The Clippers’ guard caught an elbow to the head last night. Check out how he’s doing.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Unfortunately, for Austin Rivers, the same night he got his first start of the season was the same night he suffered a “mild concussion” after an elbow to the head.

Rivers will go through concussion protocol this weekend, so we will know more soon. He did, initially, pass concussion tests, which is why he was able to come back with intention to play, but it was clear he was not ready to play.

Although there is really no way to celebrate an injury, it is nonetheless true that Rivers’ absence — along with Felton being away — opened the opportunity for Chris Paul to make history with his 20 points and 20 assists.

Raymond Felton will be ready for Monday’s game against Portland.

UPDATE (Monday evening):

— Adithya