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Quick Points of the New CBA

How does the new CBA affect the Clippers?

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Early this week the NBA and the Players’ Association came to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The agreement, once approved by both sides, will allow basketball to continue uninterrupted for another six years (where either side may then opt out ... making the seventh year of this agreement relatively meaningless).

Of all the information coming out about the new CBA, here’s some quick points that truly affect the Clippers:

(1) David Aldridge notes that:

(2) NBA rosters will expand starting in the 2017-18 season by at least one, and maybe two:

Every NBA team will get one extra roster spot starting that season, but there’s a grey area slot that will allow teams to shuttle a player back-and-forth between the Development League and the NBA. The pay of this player is yet to be set in stone, but it will definitely vary depending on when the player is actually on the NBA roster or D-League team.

These new slots will likely not affect how deep teams go in serious competitive play, but will definitely allow teams more opportunities to develop young talent. One should expect this roster expansion to indirectly make second round picks and non-drafted invites more valuable to franchises going forward.

(3) Team will potentially be able to designate two qualifying designated players the right to get six year extensions. This will allow teams a huge leg up on retaining star players going forward as it magnifies the amount of guaranteed money that a team can offer its player to stay.

The qualifications for this title are not clear yet, but Zach Lowe has chimed in that:

It’s likely however a safe bet that the Clippers’ Blake Griffin and Chris Paul would be eligible for this title. It’ll also mean that super teams will be harder to form going forward as players will be potentially leaving/risking much more money if they leave their incumbent team.

There will also definitely be more news about the CBA as more details emerge over time. So stay tuned.