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Quick Recap: Clips beat Spurs 106-101, but lose Chris Paul

The Clippers pulled off a terrific win tonight against the San Antonio Spurs due mostly to the bench. The main story, however, is that Chris Paul strained his left hamstring.

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Clippers beat out the Spurs in a very fun game marred by Chris Paul’s injury. Paul fought over a Pau Gasol screen in the third quarter, clutched his left hamstring, and went to the locker room shortly thereafter. He was questionable to return to the game, and was even warming up in the tunnel, so hopefully the strain isn’t too serious. I would guess that he sits out tomorrow’s contest against the Mavericks though.

The game itself was a blast to watch. The bench carried the Clips all night long— DJ played the most minutes of any starter with 26. Wes Johnson played fantastic defense on Kawhi in the 4th quarter and was a beast on the boards, though he did miss a ton of wide open shots. Mo Speights, Jamal, and Austin all had their moments too, but perhaps nobody was more important than Raymond Felton. Every time the Spurs were catching up, Felton would attack the basket and hit a nice layup, ending San Antonio’s momentum. It was a great win, and the Clippers played extremely inspired ball all evening.

The Clippers play tomorrow night against Dallas, and are just starting a four game in five night stretch. Max Jeffrey will have the full recap up in a short while