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Here’s How to Vote Your Favorite Clippers Players Into the All-Star Game—And Officially Become A SuperFan

The Clippers want to send their stars to New Orleans. Here’s how you can help.

NBA All-Star Game 2013 Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s no secret that the Clippers want you to vote for Clippers players to make the All-Star game—it’s pride for the players and the organization. It’s also a helluva lot more fun for us, as fans, to watch our guys balling out in the Sunday night exhibition instead of just seeing the Warriors in jerseys that read “West”.

There’s a not-so-crazy scenario where the Warriors could secure 3—if not 4, because fan voting isn’t always fair—All-Star starting spots. That would be really lame. Instead, let’s help some of the Clippers’ stars rise up the ladder. Even if they don’t win a starting spot, it would be really nice to see this fanbase mobilize with enough voting power to put more Clippers guys on the leaderboard.

Here are a couple easy ways to vote—and one way to become an official “SuperFan”:


The Clippers are going to send out daily tweets with the hashtag #NBAVOTE promoting their players. Just stay tuned for those (or go back and find them at the end of the day), and click retweet to cast your vote. Today, for example, the Clippers promoted the All-Star candidacy of J.J. Redick, Jamal Crawford, and DeAndre Jordan. Three retweets equals one vote for each of those guys.


Similarly, the Clippers are going to post statuses on Facebook daily promoting their players. In order to vote on those, you can’t just “like” the post—you have to comment the player’s full name and #NBAVOTE for your vote to be counted. Voting here takes the same minimal commitment as Twitter: check in at the end of the day, find those All-Star posts, and write your comments.

How to be a SuperFan:

The Clippers are hyped up to promote their players, and as a Clippers fan, you should be hyped up to promote your players, too. They want to help with that—anyone in the SuperFan program will be eligible for cool incentives, and tasked with voting daily and getting other Clippers fans involved in the voting process.

Interested? Email and they’ll fill you in.