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Shelburne: Jordan “Ok” After Minor Car Accident

The Clippers’ center was in a minor accident en route to the team’s flight to New Orleans.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Clippers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It all started with a TMZ report at around 1:30 Pacific time: DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul had been involved in a car accident.

Details were scarce but painted a relatively clear picture: the Clippers’ stars were driving in Playa Del Rey when they were involved in an accident (cause unknown). Both were fine and seen talking on their cell phones, while one other person was hospitalized. It’s unclear if the hospitalized individual was in Jordan’s car or the other car.

Frankly, it’s unclear if someone was hospitalized at all. Obviously the first thought in this situation is to hope that everyone involved is healthy, and I don’t want to make light of anyone’s injuries, but TMZ was wrong about several other details of the accident and they’ve been known to tell half truths that make for flashy headlines.

Thankfully, a real journalist was able to get the story. Ramona Shelburne reported on twitter that only Jordan was in the accident, not Paul. DJ was on his way to the airport for the team’s flight to New Orleans, and when he was in the accident, Paul drove with team staff to come pick him up.

Shelburne reports that the accident is “minor” and that DeAndre is “ok”. Hopefully everyone else is too, and the team can avoid this incident becoming a distraction.