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West Wins 2016 All Star "Game" 196-173

In arguably the least competitive All Star Game I have watched, the West nearly scores 200 points in a 196-173 win against the East. Chris Paul finishes with 14 points and team high 16(!) assists!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In a shocking turn of events there was essentially no defense played in the 2016 All Star Game, aka the Kobe Farewell Game, outside of the last minute of the 4th to prevent Paul George from breaking Wilt’s scoring record .  Frankly, it is at the point where the game isn’t even that enjoyable.  Sure, we see guys having more dunks and launched 3s than ever before, but it’s nothing more than a glorified scrimmage.  After arguably the greatest All Star Saturday ever, today’s actual All Star game was a bit of a disappointment, though I can’t say it was unexpected.  This game just lacked any competitiveness, which led to it seeming rather lackadaisical and uninteresting because of how lazy the game was played.  Players waltzed down the court and either launched 3s or got wide open dunks.

I understand that guys don’t want to get injured or overexert themselves, especially considering this is their vacation, but what kept the contests yesterday so exciting was their competitiveness.  Towns vs Thomas, Klay vs Steph, and Gordon vs. LaVine; the all star weekend was "back" because of the excitement and competitiveness of it.  Players were trying to win their contests yesterday, today, neither team cared that much.

Regarding the actual game: Paul George made just about everything (nearly breaking the Wilt Record, only to be prevented by Pop), DeRozan had some great dunks, basically everyone had a handful of 3s, Davis finished a ton of lobs, and Kobe had a pretty… Kobe game.

Regarding the Point God, apparently, he was trying to find out what the record for assists was prior to the game, and he definitely looked like he was trying to get it.   Whenever he was in, he was always looking to make the pass, most of which ended up in wide open missed jumpers (except for when the recipient was Klay) or a strong dunk by Anthony Davis.  He did knock down a couple of 3s, and in Chris Paul fashion, he did show some semblance of defense when he picked up guys off the inbounds.  He checked out for the last time 5 minutes into the 4th for Steph, finishing with 14 points and 16 assists!

Westbrook ended up winning a back to back All Star MVP with 31-8-5-5.  It’s about to get really exciting with the trade deadline coming up, so stay tuned, and Go Clippers!