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Analysis of Tuesday Trades and How Clippers are Affected

Two deals have happened so far today and more trades are probably coming. Neither of the first two are blockbusters, but both could have significant impacts on the season and potentially on the Clippers.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Trade I: Orlando Magic trade Tobias Harris to the Detroit Pistons for Ersan Ilyasova and Brandon Jennings

What I Think of the Deal: This is an odd play for the Magic unless they have something else in the works (more on that in a bit). They just signed Harris to a max deal this summer, and while he hasn't shown any improvement (decrease in scoring and 3 point shooting, increase in rebounding), he is still just 23 and putting up pretty good numbers. Yes, he somewhat conflicts with the promising Aaron Gordon. Yes, his defense remains bad. However, this seems like an awfully low return for such a talented young player. Jennings is a free agent after this year, which means he is almost certainly gone. Ilyasova is on the books for one more season, and is a downgrade from Harris in every aspect but shooting (and maybe defense). On the surface, therefore, it looks like a money-saving move by the Magic. This is a coup for the Pistons. While they are now thin at backup point guard, there are decent ones all over the NBA, and they have the assets to pick one up in a small deal. Harris doesn't stretch the floor like Ilyasova, but is a better overall player and fits in more nicely with the Pistons core. Detroit now has Stanley Johnson ( age 19), Kentavious Caldwell Pope and Andre Drummond (22), Harris (23), and Reggie Jackson (25). They should be a mid-tier Eastern Conference team at the very least for the forseeable future.

Implications for Clippers: Acquiring Jennings and Ilyasova has freed the Magic to trade two players at similar positions. As Lucas detailed here, Channing Frye would be a terrific fit for the Clippers at the third big position, being a nice upgrade over Cole Aldrich. Now also potentially available is backup point guard CJ Watson, who would be an equally solid upgrade over Pablo Prigioni. The deal would have to be tweaked a bit to get completed(extra salary), but the Magic appear to be willing to trade off pieces. I hope the Clips can nab these two (for a reasonable price).

Trade II: Memphis gets: PJ Hairston, Chris Anderson, and four 2nd round picks (two from Charlotte, two from Miami)

Miami gets: Brian Roberts

Charlotte gets: Courtney Lee

What I think of the Deal: This is a much smaller move on the whole. The Heat are clearing out salary, possibly because of the recent Chris Bosh news (hope he recovers well). One of the picks they are sending out is very well protected, so its basically a 2nd rounder for some cap room and a solid 12th man. The Grizzlies appear to be giving up on this season. Lee is no star, but he is a solid role player and the best (only) outside shooter on Memphis. Hairston is young, on a cheap contract, and has been a bit better this year after a horrendous rookie season. But he still isn't very good. The Birdman appears to be done as a player. This was done for the 2nd round picks, and picking up 4 of them (even if a couple are protected) is a nice haul for Lee. As for Charlotte, Hairston and Roberts aren't much of a loss, but giving up two picks for Lee seems a bit odd. He is an upgrade, and should assist their spacing and defense, but won't help them win many more games or get them past any of the better Eastern Conference teams in the playoffs. This seems like a desperate playoff bid attempt from them, and those rarely end well.

Implications for Clippers: If Memphis is indeed giving up on the season, it could be a nice boon for the Clips. The Grizzlies without Gasol aren't scary anyways, but seeing a rival team "forfeit" is always fun. Memphis could also be packaging all the 2nd rounders for something else, but that is pure speculation at this point. It would be interesting to see if Brandon Wright or Jeff Green could be pried away without too much being given in return. Green is crazily inconsistent but still an overall talent upgrade on the wing, and Wright would be the best 3rd big in Clipperland in..... quite a while unless I am forgetting someone.

Look for more trade updates throughout the upcoming days. Hopefully the Clippers can get some nice upgrades for the playoff run without sacrificing any of their future (read: please no Blake trade Doc).