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Clippers Mid-Season Progress Report: Wesley Johnson

Johnson has done a little of everything for the Clippers this year. How will our writers grade him?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Wes Johnson is on a minimum salary, but he's given the Clippers some big production this season on the best team he's ever been a part of.  He's averaging 6.8 points and 2.8 rebounds per game while shooting 34% from deep.  Those numbers aren't spectacular, but he's been remarkably solid and one of the Clippers' best supporting players.  Let's see what grades he gets:

Adithya: B+. He's exceeded a lot of our expectations. WeJo's made huge plays on both sides of the floor this season for the Clippers, and while he might not quite be good enough to start at SF for this team (as others have noted, his man defense is lacking, and that happens to be what this team needs most at the 3), he's a valuable member of the rotation regardless. His confidence shooting the ball is remarkable (and at times it makes him something of a gunner; you'll rarely see him pass the ball out of the corner). And while his defense could use work, he's an active helper and makes plays in passing lanes. It wouldn't be shocking to see him close at least one game come playoff time.

Lucas Hann: B.  It's hard to give Wes too high of a grade, considering how remarkably average he's been.  It feels like he's been a very reliable shooter--but that's just because average is a step above Crawford, Rivers, Pierce, and Mbah a Moute.  His on-ball defense is what's really holding him back from being the obvious choice to start at SF for the Clippers--he just can't keep up with high-profile assignments.  Overall, though, he's improved greatly on that end over the course of the season, playing much better off of the ball and using his length very well.

Larson Ishii: B. He started out as an A with a really hot shooting performance up near 40% and I thought oh man the Clippers have solved their SF problem! But then he has slowly started regressing until he's back near career averages, even with career high attempts; man has he kinda turned into a gunner on this team. Regardless I trust him shooting a corner three probably like 3rd most on this team, which is a little frightening when thinking about it. His defense is average. Some games he does really well in the passing lanes getting deflections and steals, and some games he's kinda meh; interestingly most of his best defense comes at small ball 4. In sum, Wes has been better than I thought, but not good enough to matter this season, so a B.