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Clippers Mid-Season Progress Report: J.J. Redick

After a short haitus, we're back to grading the Clippers!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Redick (better known as BA3 BA3 R3DICK to those who follow @ClipsNationSBN on twitter) is having a career year for the Clippers.  He's coming off of a year where he made 200 threes (career high by 35) and shot 458 (career high by 7), a 43.7% clip (career high by 1.9%).  Somehow, this season, he's shooting a full 4% better from deep while shooting slightly more often than last season.  His constant motion around screens makes him the engine of the Clippers' offense, drawing attention away from the stars and punishing the defense when he gets the slightest bit of room.  Let's see how our writers grade him:

Thomas Wood: A. Can I give JJ an AA? Dumb joke aside, he's earned the highest score you can get. He's on a near-historic tear shooting the basketball, a tear that just happens to coincide with an uptick in the Clippers' record. And yet, because of his shooting, he doesn't get enough recognition for developing into one of the league's best shooting guards period. He's a feisty defender, a heady all-around offensive player, and a consistent threat that every opponent has to gameplan for. He's the reason why we've transitioned from talking about a Big Three to the Core Four.

Adithya: A+. What do you want me to say? He's having the best year of his career (for the how-many-eth year in a row), he's gotten a new tattoo, he's got his own podcast, he's getting his long-deserved recognition from media and fans... this isn't just an A+ season for J.J., it's probably an A+ year in his life.

Niels Pineda: A++. If a player on this team deserves a Gold Star, it is absolutely, undoubtedly, JJ Redick. He is leading the league in 3P%, and he is playing out of his mind right now. His shooting is fire, and his off the ball movement is a simply basketball porn. I can go on and on about how great Redick has been for us, but if you have watched the Clippers at all this season, then you understand why he has been our MVP so far.

Lucas Hann: A.  It feels like we're in constant debate over different players and what they do and don't bring to the table--some want more from Jordan and many are conflicted over Crawford, Rivers, Stephenson, and others--but the most shocking to me is whenever I get someone who is a critic of J.J. Redick starting and getting big minutes.  He's not immune to criticism when he plays poorly on a given night, but generally speaking, he deserves a TON of credit and recognition for his role on this team.