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Seven-Time All-Star Joe Johnson Officially Waived by Brooklyn

The Nets have waived the veteran wing.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Reports surfaced earlier today that the Nets were negotiating a buyout with Joe Johnson.  While that was a big step towards his free agency, Johnson's massive salary made it so that negotiating wasn't guaranteed to lead to an agreement.  Now, however, the Nets have officially requested waivers on Joe Johnson, and in 48 hours, he will be free to choose his new team.  Tons of contenders are sure to be vying for his services, notably including the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder.  Earlier today, I wrote that the Clippers could use his shooting ability too. In that article, you'll find plenty of information about his play this season and how he could help the Clippers.

We'll learn more about Johnson's future in the next 48 hours as different teams make their pitches.  I don't expect this process to drag on any longer than that as he'll want to get starter for his new club as soon as possible.