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Skirvin Hotel is the NBA Equivalent of the Bates Motel

ClipCast blows the lid off of the Skirvin Hotel. Wesley Johnson tells his own personal ghost story in a super scary new ClipCast. You scurd?

You scurd?  I ain't scurd.  Okay maybe I am scurd.
You scurd? I ain't scurd. Okay maybe I am scurd.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On possibly the most entertaining ClipCast yet Jag gets to the bottom of Wesley Johnson's haunted hotel experience as we blow the lid off the Scary Scurry Skirvin Hotel in OKC that recently gave Kyrie Irving a bout with bed bugs.  The Spurs refuse to stay there.  The Bulls have horror stories.  Wesley Johnson tells all.  Plus Oprah Jagfrey goes one on one with new guys Jeff Green and Alex Stepheson.  Doc talks about the frustrating loss at home versus Denver and CP3 addresses his banged up body as the Clippers try to get closer to that elusive 3 spot.  This is ClipCast!  You scurd?I_Aint_Scurd.0.m4a