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Bye Bye Beast

It's official, today is the last day The Beast 980, the flagship station of the Los Angeles Clippers, will be on the air. Starting tomorrow, when you hit that preset on your radio for AM 980, you will hear SE Asian Community programing.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

We've known this was coming for a couple months ago. It was announced back in January that the station the Clippers call home was sold, and would change formats. For Clippers fans, that meant the end of a radio station that provided more Clippers news in one hour, than the other stations provide in a week. With features such as Ralph Lawler checking in daily at 7:25 am, Brian Sieman speaking with Fred Roggin every game day, and Hard Core Clippers, a Pre-Pre-Game show, the station really put the focus on the Clippers.

Don't forget, when the station was first announced, all of you at Clips Nation helped give our friends at ClipsCast the opportunity to join Roggin on the radio, taking their podcast to live radio. Although the chemestry with Roggin never quite clicked (I always felt that Roggin treated the guys like an interview guest, and never gave them a fair chance), it was nice to know that we helped make that happen.

In the end, the station just didn't have a chance. From the beginning, the owners were looking to sell, and eventually found their buyer. The new owners want nothing to do with sports. And, after today, Clippers fans will have to return to reality, a reality without a Clippers flagship station. If you get a chance today, tune in, and enjoy the last day of The Beast 980.