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NBA Confirms Technical Foul on Chris Paul was the Correct Call

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

If you were screaming at the TV in the final minutes of last nights game that referee Lauren Holtkamp made a horrible call in the final minutes of a close game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves, you were wrong. At least according to the NBA, as they released the Last 2 Minute report for the game. In the report, the league confirmed that both the foul on JJ Redick (which definitely looked like a foul), and the technical foul on Chris Paul, were the correct calls.

NBA Last 2 Minute Report

I understand the league justifying the technical foul on Paul. At almost any other point of the game, the call is 100% probably correct. But, as Ralph Lawler said this morning on The Beast 980 with Jeanie Zelasko and Patrick O'Neal (who was subbing in for Bill Plaschke), it is rare that an official makes that call, at that point, of a close game. Lawler felt that a more experienced official would have looked the other way, being that Chris Paul said absolutely nothing.

But Holtkamp is not an experienced official. She is only in her second season as an NBA official, and she has history of T'ing up Chris Paul. About a year ago, it was Holtkamp who called a technical foul on Paul after he attempted to quickly imbound the ball, which Holtkamp didn't allow. After Paul questioned it, she gave him a technical foul.

So tonight, just a year later, Holtkamp and Paul again had a bit of a misunderstanding on the court, which resulted in the door closing on the Clippers attempt at a comeback that they should never had to attempt.