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NBA Trade Deadline: Eyeing Sacramento's Implosion

The dysfunction of another Pacific Division team could be the Clippers' saving grace this trade deadline.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers are interested in trading for Kings forward Rudy Gay.  We knew this already.  We also knew that the likelihood of the Clippers getting Gay was incredibly slim--as I put it earlier this week, the only way for Gay to land in Los Angeles would be for Sacramento, a team in the thick of the race for the 8th seed, to decide to blow it up.

Well, I was only part right.  The Kings might not be deciding to blow it up, but a total implosion isn't all that far from it.  Ladies and gentlemen, as we've become accustomed to seeing over the latest era of Kings basketball, Sacramento is imploding, and if the timing is just right, the Clippers can take advantage of their northern neighbor's unfortunate situation.  I take no pleasure in watching the Kings, a struggling franchise that hasn't made the post-season in a decade, fall apart again.  It's too familiar and painful for us as Clippers fans.  However, I would take extreme pleasure in a trade where the Clippers take advantage of Sacramento's implosion to bolster their roster for a playoff run.

Nothing's imminent, except anything could be.  Don't underestimate a dysfunctional franchise's ability to act crazily.  Even if it doesn't benefit the Clippers, there's sure to be some craziness coming out of Sac-Town before the trade deadline.  And with the Clippers as one of few teams with a noted interest in Gay and an expiring contract large enough to get Sacramento cap space this summer, there's a chance they can slide in.

Just yesterday, we dealt with a flurry of trade rumors surrounding Blake Griffin and his perceived availability around the league.  Now, we'll deal with a flurry of Kings rumors, as the vultures circle around a perceived buy-low opportunity for many of Sacramento's valuable pieces.  Only time will tell if the Kings are really imploding, and if Clippers really have a shot at buying low on Rudy Gay or another player (Marco Belinelli, who is struggling on a 3-year deal in Sacramento and torched the Clippers as a Spur last post-season) in a trade.