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JJ Redick has a Shot at Redemption at the Three Point Contest!

If you have't already heard, JJ Redick is going to accompany Chris Paul to Toronto for All Star Weekend at a shot of redemption at the three point contest!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

JJ Redick, who leads the NBA in 3P%, is back at it again in the Foot Locker Deep Two Three Point Contest!  He's having a redickulously good season from beyond the arc, and now, he has a shot at redemption during the All Star Weekend (let's hope this shot actually counts though).  For any of you wondering why I keep reiterating this idea of "redemption," well, if you forgot, last year, a couple of his attempts last year were discounted because his foot was on the line...  It's all in good fun though, as Redick even poked fun at himself when it was announced that he was part of the contest

"I’m really excited to be back in the three-point contest and representing the Clippers," Redick said in a team-issued statement. "It is an elite field of shooters and I look forward to not shooting as many long two-pointers this time."


Joining our Shooting Star will be Golden States' Splash Bros, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, Houston's James Harden, Toronto's Kyle Lowry, Miami's Chris Bosh (big man alert!), Phoenix's Devin Booker, and Milwaukee's Chris Middleton!  Best of luck to JJ Redick, and remember, KEEP YOUR FEET BEHIND THE LINE!