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Stephen A. Smith is growing concerned about Blake Griffin

Stephen A. Smith, of ESPN's First Take, adds to the "Blake Griffin" conversation, and his words were urgent and ominous. The Clippers need more depth to make a playoff run, regardless of how well they are playing now.

Blake Griffin hauls in rebound
Blake Griffin hauls in rebound
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It has been the most exhausted talking point of the Clippers' season thus far: When will Blake Griffin return, and how will the team fair with him back in the mix? His nearly two month absence has provided more than enough time to discuss almost every angle of this situation. Suffering through trade rumors and pointless debates, it is safe to say, I believe, that Clippers Nation would like Griffin to come back to simply fill in the question marks.

Is the offense better without Griffin? Should be come off the bench? -- all these concerns aside, Stephen A. Smith recently added the most coherent argument for why the Clippers need Griffin back, regardless if the offense stalls or whatever other concerns there may be: The Clippers need another body.

The Clippers have faired relatively well with Blake subjected to the training room, but not without punishment to the legs of the starters. By adding Griffin back into the rotation, the Clippers are instantly deeper and more versatile. Whether he is scoring or not, he provides a big body in the paint, helping DeAndre Jordan grab rebounds and defend the paint.

This argument seems to simplify Griffin's value, but it is the common ground that observers of this team's season can agree upon. Although the degree to which the Clippers will benefit from his return cannot be answered until he finally gets back on the court, one cannot deny that adding a player with his physical ability will add some sense of depth.

Stephen A. and Skip continued to go on back and forth along the same tired arguments we have heard for the last month in a half, so we will let those rest for the time being. It is notable to point out, however, that Stephen A. seemed to suggest that something else might be wrong if Griffin does not return by April:

"I don't know what's going on. I don't know if anybody does. But I am growing concerned. If he is not back by the first week in April, something is not right."

Could there be another issue being withheld by the team?