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Griffin Has Jersey Retired, Says He is "Very Close" to Returning

J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Blake Griffin was in Norman, Oklahoma on Tuesday night for his jersey retirement ceremony. Griffin played 2 season with Oklahoma, where he was one of, if not the best, player in college.

After the ceremony, Griffin, who has been out of action since a Christmas Day game injury and subsequent hand injury that occurred in Toronto, told the media that he is "very close" to returning:

Although Blake feels he is close, the final decision will be up to the Clippers training staff and coach Doc Rivers. The team has done pretty well without their star forward, prompting some (crazy) people to say the Clippers are better without him. There were several rumors of trade discussions involving the Clippers star, but ultimately they were just that, rumors.

For the Clippers to have a chance against the Warriors or Spurs, they will need Griffin back at full strength, playing with the confidence he showed in last years playoffs, and again this season. Because of his mix of skill and athleticism, he is the most difficult to guard big man in the NBA. Griffin's return will be a big boost for the team.

And in the end, his return will close the book on the worst chapter of his career. The injury, and upcoming suspension, are the final pieces of of the mess that was Toronto. Once he returns to the court, playing the game he has played his whole life, he, along with all Clippers fans, will be able to move forward.