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Jeff Green: Cleared to Play, Blake Griffin: Not So Fast

Some injury updates from the Clippers camp as a Wednesday night showdown with the Warriors looms.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

After experiencing residual concussion-like symptoms after an inadvertent (we swear) elbow from Zach Randolph that left him with a facial laceration, Jeff Green is cleared to return against the Warriors at Oracle Arena tomorrow night.

While he hasn't been the wing upgrade that many hoped, playing at a maddeningly inconsistent level since joining the squad, at least his availability should curb the minutes that I have to yell at my TV about Paul Pierce's "defense."

More notably, Doc provided the first update in some time, albeit a frustratingly vague one, regarding Blake Griffin, who continues to recover from the quad injury that has held him out since Christmas.

While it should be reassuring to hear that Blake is increasing his workload, the fact that Doc can't reliably say that he'll be back in time for the playoffs is genuinely concerning. At this point, it's hard to see Blake returning to the lineup (keep in mind that he must serve his four game suspension once cleared) before April. If that's the case, he'll have no more than six games to shake off the rust before the playoffs begin.

After back to back losses to the two most shorthanded teams in the league, the downtrodden Clippers sure look like they could use a shot in the arm and a definitive Blake return date would fit the bill. Don't believe what you hear about this team playing better without him - Blake needs to return and he needs to do so soon.