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DeAndre Jordan Selling His Pacific Palisades House

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Remember back in September when DJ purchased a home in the same neighborhood that Zach Morris called home in the early 90's? Well, apparently, he is over the house, and has decided to sell it. Or maybe he thinks he can make a quick profit, although the listing price is only slightly over what he initially paid.

In September, Jordan paid $12.7 million for the 10,500 square feet of living space. Now, he is listing it for $12.895 million dollars. After all fees will be charged, he will maybe make a small profit, but not worth it if that is the case.

Maybe he just didn't like the weather the Palisades. I mean, it seems to rain a lot since he has moved there. Or maybe Kelly Kapowski turned him down for the last time, and he needs to get out of there before he becomes a loveless, heartbroken man. Or could it be that Screech knocked on his door one too many times?

Whatever the reason, if you have ever wanted to live in a home that was once owned by a Clippers player, now is your chance. Heck, maybe enough members of ClipsNation would be willing to chip in $10 to save up enough money to purchase the house to be the official location of all fan viewing parties.

Click here to read more about the listing on Coldwell Banker.