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Westbrook and Durant Unrelenting in Thunder Victory, 120-108

A week following the Clippers spectacular comeback against Oklahoma City, Westbrook and Durant made sure it didn't happen again.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Midway through the third, the Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant makes a jump shot off a Russell Westbrook assist.

Next possession, the Clippers' Jeff Green makes a three-pointer.

Next, the Thunder's Andre Roberson shoots an easy layup off a Westbrook assist.

Green answers with another three-pointer.

Durant matches Green with his own.

At the Clippers best, they could barely match the Thunder. When not playing their best, the Thunder built double-dight leads behind the relentless Durant and Westbrook attack.

Westbrook did anything he wanted on the court, finishing with 25 points, 11 rebounds, and a career high 20 assists. Westbrook earned himself his 10th triple-double of the season, tied with Draymond Green for the NBA lead.

He created opportunities few in the league can, such as turning made buckets into fastbreak buckets, or pulling up at full speed. Westbrook defiled the Clippers defense, creating wide open looks for the entire Thunder team.

Durant was three assists short of his own triple-double, instead settling for his fourth consecutive 30-plus point, 10-plus rebound game.

The Clippers simply could not stop Oklahoma City, but they were fine scoring on their own.

Chris Paul dished 16 assists and controlled the offensive end wonderfully for Los Angeles. Green scored 23 points on 13 shots, his most efficient game yet on his new squad.

J.J. Redick tried late to bring the Clippers back, hitting three three's late in the fourth, but it was too late. Redick scored 22 points on five of eight from deep, but lowered his field goal percentage and free throw percentage on his eternal 50-40-90 quest.

Right from the beginning the Clippers trailed, having to constantly play from behind, down by as much as 12 in the first. Every time the Clippers got close, Durant and Westbrook made a play.

Jamal Crawford led Los Angeles in scoring at intermission with 14, but sunk into obscurity in the second half finishing the game with 16.

Part of the early deficit can be attributed to DeAndre Jordan and his poor free throw shooting early, making just two of nine. From the field, Jordan never missed a shot, making seven. From the free throw line he went four of 12. He only had 7 rebounds for the game.

In the second half, the Clippers tied the game a few times, the latest at 75 to 75 with 6 minutes remaining in the third. Then, the Thunder lit up.

The lead blossomed to 10 points four minutes later with Durant or Westbrook contributing on every play over the stretch.The game was never in doubt after.

Rebounding was a major flaw for the Clippers in this game, losing the battle 52 to 29. For the first three quarters the Clippers never gathered an offensive rebound, a point of major concern for Jeff Van Gundy throughout the entire game. Steven Adams bodied up Jordan from start to finish, never allowing any freedom for an offensive rebound..

The loss puts the Clippers two games back of the three seed in the loss column. The Thunder have 18 games remaining to the Clippers' 19 with one matchup remaining between the two.