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Clippers reporters participate in #SidelineForSager

Sideline reporters from around the league participated in a special tribute for sideline legend Craig Sager. Clippers' reporters Kristina Pink and Kyle Montgomery were among the #SidelineForSager movement.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Crag Sager, the legendary sideline reporter for TNT, is best known for his rather loud and bright outfits. Unfortunately, Sager has been in the news for not so pleasant reasons as of late: his leukemia has returned, which of course limits his ability to work the sidelines, and his future is somewhat uncertain. Luckily, although his condition is far from solved, he is confident in his treatment and has vowed to keep fighting.

Needless to say, he is inspiring many.

As a way to pay tribute to the King of the Sideline Reports, reporters around the league decided to wear their most Sager-esque outfits. Fox Sports' Clippers reports also joined the movement:

Kristina Pink:

Kyle Montgomery:

Of course, Pink and Montgomery were only two of many that took part in the movement, filling NBA broadcasts with all types of colors, shades, and patterns. Although no one can quite compare to Sager, they sure made their voices heard: sideline reporters and media members alike are pulling for their colleague.