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A Rey of Sunshine in the Stands

The Clippers have a new celebrity fan, and it is none other than Star Wars-Star, Daisy Ridley!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Force was clearly with the Clippers yesterday in their 98-91 victory against the Mavericks, and I think I know why.  It appears that Daisy Ridley, who was in town for the MTV awards, took a break from her intense staredown (or training) with Luke Skywalker to show her support for the Los Angeles Clippers!  It appears that this was her FIRST basketball game and it's safe to say that she made a great choice on which team to support.  Hopefully she stays as committed to cheering for the Clippers as she was to staying on Jakku, because she was definitely a Rey of sunshine in the stands!  May the force be with you, and Go Clippers (and Star Wars)!